Councillors' details

*Cllr John Augustine
Ward:  Westgate
Mobile: 07527 567885
Email: Cllr John Augustine
Cllr Cyrille Bouché
Ward: Moreton Hall
Mobile: 07802 420189
Email: Cllr Cyrille Bouché
*Cllr Patrick Chung
Ward: Southgate
Phone: 01284 761120
Email: Cllr Patrick Chung
*^Cllr Robert Everitt
Ward: Minden
Tel: 01284 769000 Mobile: 07762 341121
Email: Cllr Robert Everitt

Cllr Donna Higgins
Ward: Minden
Mobile: 07493 039696
Email: Cllr Donna Higgins

*Cllr Diane Hind
Ward: Tollgate
Tel: 01284 706542 
Email: Cllr Diane Hind
Cllr Kevin Hind
Ward: Tollgate
Tel: 01284 706542
Email: Cllr Kevin Hind
*Cllr Paul Hopfensperger
Ward: St. Olaves
Tel: 01284 756444
Email: Cllr Paul Hopfensperger

Cllr Nicola Iannelli-Popham
Ward: Abbeygate
Mobile: 07793 212364
Email: Cllr Nicola Iannelli-Popham

Cllr Katie Parker
Ward: St. Olaves
Mobile: 07812 598163
Email: Cllr Katie Parker
*Cllr Joanna Rayner
Ward: Abbeygate
Tel: 01284 750366 Mobile: 07872 456836
Email: Cllr Joanna Rayner
*^Cllr Richard Rout
Ward: Westgate
Mobile: 07711 133422
Email: Cllr Richard Rout
*Cllr Peter Thompson
Ward: Moreton Hall
Mobile: 07810 868986
Email: Cllr Peter Thompson
Cllr Darren Turner
Ward: Out Westgate
Mobile: 07470 040390
Email: Cllr Darren Turner
*Cllr Cliff Waterman
Ward: Eastgate
Mobile: 07580 431806
Email: Cllr Cliff Waterman
Cllr Tony Whittingham
Ward: Moreton Hall
Mobile: 07468 589316
Email: Cllr Tony Whittingham
*Cllr Ann Williamson
Ward: Southgate
Mobile: 07824 341946
Email: Cllr Ann Williamson


*is also a District Councillor

^is also a County Councillor

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