Allotment News

Allotment News

March -

Many of you will have seed trays scattered around your house with this years plants starting their journey, this time of year we should be busy preparing our seedbeds, weeding, applying fertilizers and raking over the soil :-

What can I sow in March ?   

Inside planting: -                                                               * Cauliflowers

               * Globe Artichokes

* Lettuce

 * Peppers

   * Tomatoes

Under Glass: -

     * Aubergines


Direct in your plot: -                                                           * Herbs

                                                                                          * Carrots  (don't forget to protect against carrot fly)


What is ready for harvest?  

  * Chards

* Leeks

    * Parsnips

           * Spinach Beet



Well Done to all!  this year certainly has been a challenging  with the wet start to the season followed by the intense heat through the summer.  The allotment awards were held on Monday 19th November the results were as follows:

Cotton Lane

1st -  Nanette Cox

2nd - Ivan Frost

3rd -  Rebecca Moore

Nowton Road

1st -  Maria Pinhal

2nd -  Colin Palmer

3rd - Pat & Chris Cole

Sicklesmere Road

1st - Mr Geoff Hall

2nd - Claire Medcalf

3rd - Geoff Carter


1st - Mrs Sherman

2nd - Ian Fenn

Overall Winners      

1st - Maria Pinhal          

2nd - Colin Palmer            

3rd - Nanette Cox    

Best Newcomers

1st - Zohra Poultney (Cotton Lane)

2nd - Christopher Ciaravolo (Sicklesmere Road)

3rd - Paul McInerney (Cotton Lane)

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