It has been brought to our attention Fothergill Seeds have recalled Courgette Zucchini seeds - Please visit their website to find what seeds are effected:-


Dear Allotment Holder

I am happy to be able to tell you that the Town Council has decided to waive all charges for the rents of Town Council allotments for the 2020 season.  This was passed as a resolution (No. BSETC/126/01/Jul/20) which said ‘That, as a gesture of goodwill and without setting precedent, the allotment charges for all tenants for the current financial year are to be waived.’ This means you will not be asked to pay rent this year but the usual rents will be charged as usual next year in 2021.

You should note that due to the current coronavirus issues, we are still unable to offer some of our usual services to our allotments, so we continue to ask all tenants to help maintain the grassed areas and keep the allotments and related spaces tidy. 

 Happy (free) gardening for the year 2020 from the Town Council.

Greg Luton, Town Clerk

20 July 2020