Allotment News

It has been brought to my attention over last couple of weeks that we have seen a few rats on site which tenants will need to be aware of.  All tenants should check their plots and deal with any of the problem areas as suggested below: 

1 – Carpet/Weed suppressant – please check underneath these; we have lifted a few to find rat runs and homes.

2 – The use of straw, especially when still kept in bale should be checked.

3 – Rotten fruit/tree falls & vegetables should be removed from the allotment

4 – No piles of rotten manure should be left on site


It is important we control the situation before they become a more serious problem. Please note, your tenancy agreement

states that when taking on your plots, it is the responsibly of all tenants to help keep the allotment free as far as is possible

from vermin, including rats and mice.


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