Dear Allotment Holder

Since Monday we have been recommending that allotment holders follow  the instructions by central government to stay at home.   As you know, the  government instructions say ‘stay at home, go outside only to buy food, or for essential health or work reasons’. The issue of access on allotments has been ambiguous;  limiting  access was done in good faith as an interpretation of central government instructions.

The issues explained on Monday about managing access, water supply, and personal health and safety – plus  the obvious COVID 19 issues remain. The Council are now opening our allotments,  with the caveat of a reduced maintenance service, due to the current health emergency. This means we cannot provide a water supply because we cannot maintain it or repair it,  due to the difficulties of servicing whilst government restrictions are in place. Grass is unlikely to be cut for the same reasons, so we would ask tenants to self-help on grass cutting around their plots.  We cannot secure the sites and we echo the national instructions of social distancing, restrictions on use of motor vehicles, as well as the overall coronavirus instructions for which allotment holders should be taking responsibility in their daily lives.

Our 3-strong Town Council staff are working from home, so, we cannot provide support on site, nor can we, in good conscience, ask them to visit, or to provide other services.  Please try to curtail non-urgent communications so we can focus on essential work. This situation will be reviewed as the current health emergency continues.

We cannot enforce our requests, and the situation will continue to be reviewed, in keeping with the current restrictions during this period of national emergency. Importantly, we have not yet asked for the 2020 rents from our tenants. These are to be reviewed when the council meets in the future.

Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives                                     


Thank you

Greg Luton, Town Clerk

03 April 2020