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Pillar of Salt on Angel HillHistoric Perspective

Traceable roots of the Town Council include a commemorative stone plaque on the gable end of a property in School Yard which testifies - “This entrance to the cattle market made by order of the Town Council August 1852 J.P. Everard Esq. Mayor”.

Another reference to the earlier Town Council can be found beneath the “Pillar of Salt” traffic sign on the Angel Hill (pictured right), which was designed by Basil Oliver, “Architect to The Bury St Edmunds Town Council”, 1935.

Accountability and Funding

The Town Council is publicly accountable through its meetings and published documents.  It is principally funded through the Council Tax with its financial position being subject to independent internal and external audits.  Total operating funding for 2017/18 is £335,278 (including £316,389 raised from Council Tax, known as 'precept').  The current year's budget can be downloaded from the Finance pages of this website.  Between December 2005 and January 2015 the Town Council held national recognition as a Quality Town Council, confirming compliance with standards set by the National Association of Local Councils and other government bodies. On 6th January 2015 this scheme was replaced by the 'Local Council Award Scheme' and any council accredited previously under the Quality Status Scheme could apply for automatic transition to the new scheme - as a result the Town Council held the Foundation level award for one year until January 2016.

Organisation Structure

The Town Council comprises 17 Councillors representing nine Wards of the Town, each elected to hold office for four years.  Elections are next scheduled for 2015 and at intervals of four years thereafter.  The Council has resolved not to use the title of Town Mayor but annually the Councillors elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and these represent the Council at civic functions and are entitled to wear the Council’s chains of office.

The business of the Council and its decision making is conducted by Full Council or its committees to whom authority to do so has been delegated.  Subordinate Committees have been established to ensure that business can be transacted efficiently and effectively, their recommendations being considered and subject to ratification by Council (except where delegated authority has been given):

  • Planning, Licensing & Finance Committee (has delegated powers)
  • Staffing and Employment Committee

Click here to view membership details for each committee.

Members represent the Council on external bodies, including:

  • Bury in Bloom Committee
  • Christmas Fayre Working Group
  • Suffolk Association of Local Councils
  • Town Centre Masterplan Working Group
  • Destination Management Committee

In addition the Council appoints two trustees (who need not be members of the Council) to the Guildhall Feoffment Trust, who serve for a 4 year term.

The Council is supported by three members of staff:

  • Town Clerk (part-time), having overall accountability for servicing the Council
  • Assistant Town Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer (full-time)
  • Allotments and Administration Assistant (part-time)

Deriving from internal and external consultation, the following have been determined:


To be a Town Council that maximises its opportunities to provide its townspeople with relevant services in a manner that is fair, equal, allows community enjoyment and gives value for money.


To fulfil the statutory and community requirements of the Town Council, working with the community and in partnership.

Aims and Objectives

Bury St Edmunds Town Council has identified the following six aims: 

  1. Ensure effective engagement with the community
  2. Discharge statutory obligations
  3. Demonstrate best value
  4. Strengthen partnership working
  5. Maintain the proficiency of Councillors and members of staff
  6. Promote understanding and awareness of the Town Council

Areas of Service

Representation of the Town Council at public events; acting as a ‘community voice’ on issues referred for statutory consultation; responding to community needs and expectations.

Planning and Licensing applications
Viewing and commenting upon relevant planning and licensing applications; providing a perspective to the longer-term development of the Town.  For more information about planning and licensing matters including a handy guide to Planning click here.

Operating within the bounds of probity; endeavouring to demonstrate best value; ensuring growth commensurate with demands and resources.

Provision of allotments for hire to residents of Bury St Edmunds.  Current plots exist at Cotton Lane, Barn Lane, The Vinefields, Nowton Road and Sicklesmere Road.  Enquiries are ongoing into the potential to obtain additional land.

Nativity Scene
Since April 2007 the annually displayed Nativity Sculpture has been held by the Town Council in trust for the people of Bury St Edmunds.

Nativity Sculpture


War Memorials
Since April 2007 the care and management of memorials at Angel Hill and Cornhill have been responsibilities of the Town Council.

Armistice Day commemoration
From 2013 the annual '11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month' commemoration at the Angel Hill war memorial will be organised by the Town Council.

Council Offices
Alternative premises in the former offices of St Edmundsbury Borough Council on Angel Hill have been secured to sustain corporate requirements and public interface.

Health and Safety Management
Exercise of devolved powers to provide salt/grit bins at sites in the Town; dog waste and litter bins at many locations across the Town in response to residents’ requests and Town Councillor ward inspections.

Financial Forecast
Details can be obtained from the Responsible Financial Officer.

Grant funding
The grant funding policy and application form can be downloaded from the Finance pages of this website.

Tourist Information
A selection of Tourist information leaflets and other visitor information is available from the Town Council's offices at 7 Angel Hill (near the War Memorial).  Click here to visit the 'Visit Bury St Edmunds' website (external website).

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