Allotment News

Allotment News

December -

What can I sow in December ?  Why not try something new for next season, some seeds needs starting indoors now.

* Cauliflowers

* Onions

* Lettuce

* Radish

* Summer Cabbage

* Turnips

The time is perfect for planting new fruit trees and bushes.

What is ready for harvest? Your Christmas Dinner vegtables!

* Brussells sprouts

* Carrots

* Kale

* Turnips

* Winter Cabbages

* Spinach

* Winter Potatoes


Well Done to all!  this year certainly has been a challenging  with the wet start to the season followed by the intense heat through the summer.  The allotment awards were held on Monday 19th November the results were as follows:

Cotton Lane

1st -  Nanette Cox

2nd - Ivan Frost

3rd -  Rebecca Moore

Nowton Road

1st -  Maria Pinhal

2nd -  Colin Palmer

3rd - Pat & Chris Cole

Sicklesmere Road

1st - Mr Geoff Hall

2nd - Claire Medcalf

3rd - Geoff Carter


1st - Mrs Sherman

2nd - Ian Fenn

Overall Winners      

1st - Maria Pinhal          

2nd - Colin Palmer            

3rd - Nanette Cox    

Best Newcomers

1st - Zohra Poultney (Cotton Lane)

2nd - Christopher Ciaravolo (Sicklesmere Road)

3rd - Paul McInerney (Cotton Lane)

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