Engaging with the Community

Making sure that we try to meet the needs and expectations of the community is essential and the Town Council has in place a Communications Plan to develop this engagement.  Each Councillor is available to assist the townspeople, especially those within the ward he/she represents.  Many examples can be found of where Councillors have positively responded to people’s needs, been instrumental in the provision of new amenities or have encouraged other organisations to appropriately deliver services.  Members of staff, too, are important in achieving a helpful and supportive dialogue with members of the community.

Being realistic, it would be too costly and unmanageable to continually survey the entire community to seek views but we want to ensure that the public voice is heard.  All our Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and although the opportunity to input is time-limited we welcome constructive comments that are related to the Council’s business.  Councillors will continue to meet their community at various events and open days to be held at the Council Offices.

To aim to reach as many people as possible, relevant information will be carried on this website but we acknowledge that there are sections of the townspeople who cannot or will not access this.  For them and for those having additional needs, the opportunity will continue to contact the Council Offices and receive information on request.  We will also draw attention to key information on our notice boards.

We intend to build solid relationships with key organisations throughout the Town in a way that informed decisions can be made and information exchanged.  Many of these relationships have already been established and show how effective we have been in working together, for example in sponsoring the Christmas lights and supporting Bury in Bloom.  If you are part of an organisation that would wish to contribute to the dialogue with the Town Council then please let us know on 01284 725111.  We are particularly keen to take into account the views of all, including those who may be underrepresented for any reason, for example through age, cultural diversity, sensory impairment etc.

Members of the media are always welcome at our Council and Committee meetings but we appreciate that not all our business appears in the press or on the radio although we will endeavour to use these means to transmit public information.

Above all, we need your feedback.  We welcome compliments, suggestions and complaints and will summarise how we have dealt with these in the form of ‘You said, we did’.  So please make your views known via e-mail, telephone, letter or in person as shown on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.

St Edmund’s Day Awards

The Town Council is proud to celebrate the feast of St Edmund (20 November) and views it as an occasion to recognise signiificant contributions made by members of the community and to inspire individuals and organisations within the town.

There are two categories of award:

  1. Bury St Edmunds Citizen of the Year Award - ‘The St Edmund Medal’ - for those of or over the age of 18 years
  2. Bury St Edmunds Young Citizen of the Year Award - ‘The St Edmund Shield’ - for people under the age of 18 years

Further details will be published on this website to indicate the criteria for eligibilty.

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