"You said, we did"

We welcome compliments, suggestions and complaints relating to our service so please make your views known via e-mail, telephone, letter or in person as shown on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.  Examples of your feedback appear below:

You requested salt/grit bins at various locations around the town.
We purchased and sited 16 new grit bins; a further 33 requests are being considered.
You said "Just to let you know that our grit bin was filled on Wednesday.  Thank you very much."
You requested salt/grit bins at various locations around the town.
We purchased and sited 21 new grit bins; another 20 are on order for additional sites.
You said "Just to let you know that on Friday morning after the snow, we received a grit bin in Warwick drive.  How bril is that?  Thanks very much."

You wanted information
We supplied it
You said, “Thank you very much for this information. Our Society is having a Committee meeting on Monday, so I will be able to present this information to the Committee, and this will serve as positive example that we have effectively opened up communication channels”

You said, “You're a star. Thanks.”
(said by a very satisfied new allotment tenant)

ou wrote to ask about allotments issues and position on waiting list.
We replied by email the same day
You said, “Thank you so much for your prompt reply.”

You requested information
We emailed it to you
You said, “Thank you for the speed with which you sent me this very useful resume (this efficiency is as usual but always appreciated).”

You said, “Can you help with a rubbish problem in Cotton Lane.”
We explained that it was a Suffolk County Council matter but promised to report it for you.
You visited the office again to say “Thank you for sorting out the rubbish in Cotton Lane – its gone.”

You emailed, to ask advice about car parking.

We forwarded your email to SEBC and replied to you advising this.
You said, “Thank you so much for your prompt reply.”

You asked about a boys home/orphanage in BSE
We referred your enquiry to Suffolk Records Office.
You said, “I would like to thank you for taking time to respond to my inquiry”

You said, "Your window display of Bury in Bloom looks really nice and provides a welcome attraction to passers by."
Our comment, Thank you.

You said "The Bury St Edmunds Annual Report is among the most clear, stylish and readable ones that we have seen."
Our comment, We hope that the Report will be read by many people and that if you need further information you will contact us.

You said, "I have read your Newsletter and would like to advertise my business in a future edition."
Our comment, At this stage we have not included advertising but we will keep your details on file – you may be interested in advertising in the next edition of the Official Guide and Map and I have passed on your details to those who produce the Guide.

You said, "Thank you for consulting me about your proposal to put a grit bin in this road – I would rather not have it because there are already a couple of heaps of grit on the grass and I would not want a bin to obscure my view of the Green."
Our comment, Thanks for responding to our consultation process. We will take your views into account – the intention to place a bin there has been in response to requests from other residents and we will endeavour to place it so it does not spoil the views of everyone.

You said, "… (member of staff) is always extremely helpful and cheerful and you might want to feed that back."
Our comment, It is a pleasure to receive such comments.

You said, "Mending the fence (at the allotments) should sort out our problems – it has been really annoying to find children causing damage on the site."
Our comment,This is one of several pieces of work that has improved the state of the allotments lately and we are grateful to the volunteers from Tayfen House for their sweat and toil and for the funding from Cllr Oliver’s locality budget that made this possible. Whilst we realise that a professional company might erect a better quality fence, our solutions have been practical to address some of the longstanding issues.

You said, "Thanks for making the drive into Sicklesmere Road allotments better.
Our comment, We need to thank our volunteers – hopefully the access is now less bumpy.

You said, "What have you done to the drive at Cotton Lave allotments? When it rains it will be like a skating rink.
Our comment, Our volunteers have levelled the surface at this and another site in response to complaints from tenants and have since attracted mainly positive responses. We will however monitor the condition of the drive and will also be carrying out work to the entrances using professional companies.

You said, "I think the Town Council should be congratulated on the support it has given our community (St Olaves ward) over the years and we hope that they will be able to get the powers that be to sort out the bus service.
Our comment, Thanks. The Town Council continues to be the ‘voice of the community’ and will work with others on issues such as the town’s bus services.

You said, “May I take this opportunity firstly to thank you for letting last nights public forum overun.  I feel that all the allotment holders felt that they had their say. I ’m sure that allowing the forum to overun is not a regular occurrence and I appreciated your patience and professionalism in what must have been an uncomfortable experience at times.  Secondly, and I’m sure that I speak on behalf of all the allotment holders at the meeting, to thank you for your sympathetic approach and rescinding your decision of the existing allotment holders who live outside Bury St Edmunds.  Hopefully we can all move forward on a more positive footing.

You said, “I couldn’t hear everything that was said at the meeting because I cannot hear properly.”

We explained, We are grateful to you for raising this as an issue.  Unfortunately there are limitations with our present premises and we try to enable people to be in the best positions where they can follow what is being said.  We recently tried to acquire a loop system but were unsuccessful.  It is one of a number of improvements that we would hope to bring when we move to new premises.

You said, “Thank you for the papers.  I am just about to do my report for the next committee meeting so the timing was perfect.  The Open Day was a very good idea.  It is important to offer these opportunities, and the dispays were well presented.  I reckon that the Unitary Authority deliberations emphasise the need for a healthy Town Council ready to develop new roles as may be required at short notice.”

You said, “The Committee were grateful to the Bury St Edmunds Town Council for setting up this scope for potential future collaboration.”

Our comment, We recognize the importance of strengthening our partnerships. 

In relation to a planning application considered by the Planning and Licensing Committee you said, “Many thanks for your prompt attention, it is much appreciated.  Please pass also on my thanks to your committee members for their immediate attention.”

You said, “Where can we get grit for our car park?” (two separate queries)
We explained Councils’ policies for the gritting of public areas, the role of the Town Council and details of grit providers.
The caller was very appreciative of information given.
You said, “Thanks, I have indeed been on the web and I think I’ve come up with some solutions.  Thank you very much for getting back to me… I wasn’t sure if any of the councils offered this service (even if we had to pay) but I understand major roads and public highways are of more priority than our office car park!”

You wanted to complain about a parking fine.
We advised how to pursue the matter through St Edmundsbury Borough Council (SEBC) and linked the enquirer to information on the SEBC website.
You said, “I would just like to take the time to say thank you for your help. It was very much appreciated.”

You said, “I write from Italy and take the liberty to apply to you as I am interested in studying civic heraldry and sphragistics, and presently I improve studies concerning coats of arms and seals of Northern European cities and towns,” and requested details regarding the Town Council’s Coat of Arms.  We sent a lengthy response.
You said, “I wish to thank you so much for your kind message which will be of great assistance to my research.”

You said, “I would like to see the appendices referred to in minutes of the Council meeting on …”   We provided these via e-mail the same day.  We do not automatically include the appendices on the website because of potential overload but are very willing to provide such information on request.
You said, “I do hope you do not mind my using your first name.  Thank you very much for your response.  I have been talking to a few friends and thought I would do some checking myself.  I found it interesting and now will put my questions to my ward representatives.  I gather the expense is for persons marking out the half plots that are vacant.  Anyway thanks again.”

You said, “Do you have any records relating to a Triumph motorcycle registered in West Suffolk in 1958; the registration number is …”.  We advised of organisations that might be able to assist.
You said, Thank you for your help.”

You said "The disabled toilet at the Rougham Hill lorry park is out of order."  We tracked down the responsible body (the Highways Agency) and referred your complaint to them.

You said “I’m going on holiday; can I use my Blue Badge to park my car for a week in the St Andrew’s Street car park? We referred your enquiry to St Edmundsbury Borough Council and told you what their advice was.

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