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 A few issues have been brought to our attention - I would appreciate if all tenants could observe the guidance we provide:

Only Tenants are allowed to bring their own dogs onto the allotment site. They must be kept on a lead at all times and be kept fully under control so as not to cause any problems for other tenants and visitors to the site. All dog faeces must be immediately removed from the site. The allotments are not open to dog walkers and anyone walking dogs should be discouraged.


Allotment holders must not deposit or allow other persons to deposit or dump any rubbish or waste on the allotment or place any matter in the hedges, ditches, car parks or dykes on the allotments or adjoining land.


Please note: If you have any concerns over security please do notify Suffolk Constabulary. They are keen that any criminal activity affecting the allotment site is reported using the non-emergency phone number (dial 101) as this action results in the details appearing as a ‘job’ which all members of the Bury St Edmunds Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) can then action (obviously within the bounds of operational priorities).  It also enables the SNT to draw up a picture of the type and frequency of problems which will then determine the nature and extent of action They will take, such as routine patrols of the area etc.

 Remember, we aim to keep the allotments as a pleasant place to be – please help us.

By Julie Sturgeon on September 13th, 2017